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My Story

Like many people in today's uncertain economy, I was made redundant.  At the same time, my Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and we decided that she would come and live with me.  So, I had a corporate income to recreate, but limited time during the day to earn it.  I was introduced to Forever The Aloe Vera Company and could see that this was the ideal option for me as it combined flexibility with high earning potential.

I was able to transfer many of my corporate skills as a Team Leader to my Forever business.  Now, I make the most of being a savvy business woman, but no-longer have to worry about office politics.  

Actually, I think there are four things I've learned that make me a great International Business Developer with Forever (I don't want that to sound arrogant, but if you sign up with me as your mentor, or even if you buy products from me, you need to know who you're doing business with, right)?

  1. As a cog in the corporate wheel, I learned early on that I have an ability to see potential in people before they can see it for themselves.
  2. As a carer, I learned quickly that letting Mum do things 'her way' was the only way to get things done.  That was a huge lesson.  Like in business, there are tips and tricks, but if a person with Alzheimer's don't wanna do something, then it ain't gonna happen.  All of us are much more likely to do things well that we love doing.  In network marketing, there are so many different ways to build a successful business.  What I have learned is, let each individual business owner choose the best ways for them to build THEIR business.
  3. As a network marketer, I was introduced to Dana Wilde and learned from her the power of expectation and of training our brains.  Please check Dana out at BUT, make sure you come back here, because together - if you want to - we can change the world.
  4. As a human being, I learned that you never stop learning.  READ. LISTEN. ATTEND EVENTS. READ SOME MORE ... Personally, I've also found that some of the learning comes from within.  That is why having a mentor is so valuable because mentors help you bring to the surface what you already knew deep down.

Now, I combine everything I've learned when coaching my Team for success (and when I have to have a chat with myself).  I like to think of it as 'unwrapping our potential' because sometimes unlearning old habits and beliefs is as important as training our brains with powerful positive thoughts.  

I will always be grateful that Forever enabled me to provide the best possible care for Mum at home.  Since her death, my mission is to help other families create the lives they love living.  I am particularly passionate about the empowerment of women across the world and I see Forever and network marketing in general as a powerful tool in this.

Want to learn more about my journey and unwrapping your own potential? Please visit my blog